Luis Moya Tortosa

Luis Moya Tortosa: winemaker, oenologist

Luis Moya Tortosa is an agricultural engineer and oenologist. In addition to having worked àwith Radoux, the renowned barrel maker, he’s a consulting oenologist for various wineries including Bodegas Escalera, Viñedos Hontza, and Bodegas las Llanas 1905.

While he was working for the Carcar coop in 2010, he discovered an interesting garnacha plot whose vines were about 60 years old. It was obvious to him this plot had something special since they had been changed from bush vines to the double cordon vine pruning method where some spurs extend over 2 metres. This was the genesis of the LMT Wines project in 2012 with the first plot being Masusta.

Fond of sustainable agriculture, Luis ensured that nature would be the able to regain control of the ground and soil. All operations are manual, from the pruning to the harvesting. He’s even experimenting with permaculture. His microwinery project has been supported through a collaboration with Bodegas Escalera (certified biodynamic, Demeter) where both winemaking and bottling are done.

Simplified through his collaboration with Bodegas Escalera, he follows the Demeter requirements. In fact, as soon as he started to work on Masusta, his first wine, he immediately initiated a biological and biodynamic conversion of all practices by eliminating the use of herbicides and pesticides.

He now cultivates several vineyards and acquired a Bodega in Zizur Menor in 2021.