About barbuVINS

Why? Because Benoît had been recommending wines to friends for over twenty years. Also, because his travels allowed him to discover wines that he wanted to share with wine enthusiasts and those looking for discoveries.
Benoît and his better half, Marie-Claude, who enjoys drinking the wines he selects. They team up in everything and turned a passion for wines into barbuVINS !
We select producers based on our own preferences. We only sell wines we like. We aim to work with producers who respect the terroir and use minimal intervention in their production. Preferably, our producers will use sustainable agriculture and will not use of herbicides and pesticides. Aside from our initial portfolio of Spanish wines, we added 2 producers from Germany in 2018. More producers will be added over time.

Private Imports

It is a wine that you will not find in the SAQ stores. These wines are available for bulk purchase (3, 4, 6, 12 bottles). These wines are also frequently offered in restaurants.
Nothing could be simpler: just use the order form available on our website. All the requested information must be provided to allow barbuVINS to place an order with the SAQ. We will contact you promptly to confirm your order. The wines will be delivered to the SAQ store of your choice among the SAQ designated stores.
For the SAQ, the sales units are cases (no fraction of them). In the event that the cases contain few bottles, the cost of transport per case is divided into a smaller number of bottles. Prices thus increase considerably for single bottle cases (e.g. magnums). To make the purchase easier, barbuVINS offers most products in cases of 6 bottles. The size of the cases may vary according to demand (restaurants vs. individuals).
When bottles are purchased at the SAQ, the price includes the amount billed by the producer, the transportation, the customs fees, taxes, the profit of the SAQ, and the promotional agent's fees. For wines in private import, an agency fee is added to the unit price and will be indicated on the order form. This amount is subject to GST and QST. It covers our expenses and for some countries, the shipping costs (e.g. Croatia).
barbuVINS accepts payments by:
  • Interac Transfer
  • Bank cheque to the order of barbuVINS
  • PayPal money transfer (no credit cards) via PayPal.ME/barbuVINS
Because quantities are limited. For an imminent arrival of wines, barbuVINS will send a newsletter and offer to make reservations. Before the order is made with the SAQ, barbuVINS will confirm it with you.
No, this is not possible (no exception!). The SAQ is the only entity allowed to sell wine in Quebec. Private import agencies can represent producers and vineyards in their transactions with SAQ. Individuals can order the private import products via the SAQ, but the process differs from that of buying regular products (minimum order, prepayment, etc.).
The SAQ will contact you when your order has arrived. You will have 7-10 days to pick it up. If the case is not picked up, barbuVINS will have to pay return fees that will be charged back to you. Cancelled confirmed orders will incur a taxable fee of 15$ per case.


To make the management of the private order program easier, the SAQ limits the number of stores where these wines can be delivered. The list will surely extend over the years.
No, delivery is only available in stores designated by the SAQ. barbuVINS has no control over this list.


The policy is the same as for any product purchased from the SAQ. For more information, consult the SAQ exchange and refund policy available on its website.
The sale is between the SAQ and you, the buyer. barbuVINS cannot reimburse you if you change your mind or if you are not satisfied. For defective products, the policy is the same as for any product that was purchased at the SAQ (SAQ exchange and refund policy).