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García de la Jara

The García Saborido family have been working in La Jara, near Sanlucar De Barrameda for decades. García de La Jara is named after their grandfather Paco García who loved nature and lived by the sea. In fact, the hat on the label represents his inseparable “mascota”, traditional from Cádiz.

In 2007, the grandchildren of Paco, Carmen, Rocio and Martin grafted tannat and tintilla de rota (related to graciano) on free vines of Muscat vines on 1.5 Ha located 300 meters from the beach near Sanlucar De Barrameda. Another plot of 1 Ha located 100m from the beach was planted with Petit Verdot about 10 years ago. The blend of tannat and petit verdot grapes, one reducing and the other oxidizing, gives wines that are very deep, round and mellow at the same time.

They cultivate organically as much out of conviction as for the chameleons, indigenous and endangered in the region, are not affected by insecticides. The harvest is manual, sorted on the table, and the wine is fermented with indigenous yeasts in stainless steel vats, followed by a short maturation of 4 months in 2nd pass oak barrels during which the malolactic conversion is carried out.

The whole process is carried out with care, work in the vineyard, harvest, selection of bunches and aging in barrels to obtain an authentic oenological gem and which is also the first red wine entirely produced in Sanlúcar de Barrameda.