Vintage 2015: 100 % Garnacha
Production in 2015 : 4000 bouteilles


Luis Moya Tortosa’s most recent project, this one in collaboration with Gonzalo Celayeta. The vineyard is located in San Martín de Unx (Navarra) and is managed using strict biologic agricultural techniques. Luis supervises the vineyard and buys the grapes. He hopes that the wine sales will eventually help him acquire the vineyard by 2018. You have a very important role in this project!

Kimera is a unique grenache-based wine. First, the old vines have a very low yield (20 hl / ha) and produce grapes that exhibit complex and intense aromas. Second, in addition to non-intervention winemaking method like for Masusta, the wine is left to mature for 10 months in an old clay tinaja of 3700 litres to allow a truly pure Grenache based-wine to express itself.

The result is truly spectacular since the large volume of the tinaja makes for a low surface contact to volume ratio thus minimizing the oxidative processes.  Furtermore, the old tinaja is rather inert due to the extensive layers of potassium bitartre deposits, a natural salt found in wine, that lines the vessel wall.

Approximately 4 000 bottles were made for this first vintage.