100% Garnacha
Production in 2016 : 3800 bottles

The Masusta plot, located 600m above sea level, is mainly composed of sand and limestone. The garnacha vines were planted in 1955 – 1960. With a planting density of about 2000 vines per hectare, the  low yield of 30hl/HA contribute to the complexity of the wine.

The minimal intervention winemaking is performed in stainless steel tanks of 1000 litres maintained at capacity to reduce the oxidation. The artisan techniques used include using frozen water bottles to cool the must at a fermentation temperature of 18 to 22 °C for 18 days. Like all his wines, indigenous yeasts do the work. The wine only undergoes a mild filtration and no clarification step.

The wine is ultimately stabilised by natural physical processes (time and temperature) by spending two winters in the cellar. The wine is left to mature in a blend of American, French and Navarra barrels. Luis uses a very low level of sulfur (70mg/L) which is well under the EU regulators’ maximum for organic wines at 100mg/l.