It’s coming !

Our first order:
101 cases of 6 bottles
6 cases of 12 bottles
12 magnums

A total of 690 bottles of which more than half have been reserved!
Did you reserve yours?
Our order form is here!

Available soon: Pago Aylés “Y”. This is a bottle of 2010 that traveled a lot…

Honor roll for Bodegas Bhilar

In his latest Special Report on Rioja where Tim Atkin does a very thorough review of the region, David Sampedro’s wines (Bodegas Bhilar) are real stand outs.

Selected as part of the White Wine of the Year: Terca 2010, Bodegas Bhilar

The list of wines from Bodegas Bhilar will soon be updated to reflect Tim Atkin’s reviews.

Cheaper is better !

Call it experience… estimating the wine selling price with using the SAQ calculator tool is more guessing that anything else. This tool takes into consideration the exchange rate, transport, case format, alcohol percentage, location of the winery, etc.

The good news is that newbie here overestimated the price. Yep, you read well… when does it happen these days that people tell you it will be cheaper than planned. Think about this next time you pick up your new car.

Differences are rather important: 

A: 21.50$ vs estimated 24.50$; E: 26.25$ vs estimated 34.50$; Très de 3000: 38.50$ vs estimated 53.00$; etc.

Next time, it will be closer to reality!

A New Partner !

barbuVINS is proud to announce its partnership with Bodegas Bhilar, located in Elvillar (Álava province, Spain).

This gem is owned by the dynamic duo of David Sampedro and Melanie Hickman. They make wines that are extremely respectful of nature and express the terroir beautifully. All their plots are either in biodynamic conversion or are have already been managed using biodynamic farming for several years. The first order is being prepared. We just can’t wait!

barbuVINS | Our New Website

Welcome to our new website. In fact, it’s the first website we ever make, so we’re quite proud.
We will do our best to make it bilingual and fix the bugs, but it’s a good start!
Thanks for sharing our passion about wine.