Kha mé

A first attempt… and another success.
This is the first wine aged in terracotta amphora by Bodegas Bhilar.  This is not an orange wine made from a prolonged skin maceration. Rather, it was made using a traditional ageing method that allows the wine to evolve very differently than in stainless steel tanks or oak barrels.

Kha mé… where did the name come from?
Kha mé and the kanji symbol are roughly translated to amphora (The symbol is pronounce “Ka Mé”). Bodegas Bhilar’s Japanese distributor said there is no direct translation and this was the most suitable word.

As the story goes, David was in Japan telling the distributor about the new wine and asked her for the translation of amphora. It all started from that discussion. Initially, the distributor’s mother was going to write the Kanji symbol but felt it was too much responsibility and asked her calligraphy master to do it. He was 93 years old at that time (2017) and his stamp appears on the lower left of the label.

Varieties : 100% Garnacha blanca

Harvest and Production: Grapes are crushed and fermented for a few days prior to being aged in terracotta amphora for 18 months.