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Spring is Here!

Our winegrowers are hard at work for another season. The last year was difficult, not only because of sanitary restrictions, but because of US tariffs and the downturn mainly driven by the closure of restaurants (almost) everywhere on the planet. Beyond the pleasure that wine gives you, you help ensure the survival of this industry. The big corporations making industrial wine are not suffering too much, but the small independent winegrowers need our support. On their behalf, thank you!
(Photo: Luis Moya Tortosa, Artajona)

Inventory as of 2021-03-27


This is the current inventory as of March 27th.

The SAQ continues to limit/control new orders to our producers which makes portfolio management rather complex. Currently it is not possible to place an order, so no orders for the rosé... yet.

Due to some of the changes to the SAQ ordering procedure, many wines will never be available again due to minimum quantities, etc.. Take advantage of what we have before it's too late.

We have updated the list of wines on order from Pago Aylés. It is possible to reserve your cases, so do not hesitate and send us an email.

For example, more than 20 cases of Pago Aylés rosé have already been reserved !


There are 3 cases left of this ultra natural sulfur-free Bhilar Berria.
Case of 6 for the price of 5 bottles.
First come, first served !


barbuVINS in the kitchen?

A unique opportunity to purchase vinegars from Bodegas Barbadillo. In addition to the wonderful manzanilla in stock, we have imported a small amount of vinegar for our customers. 

The transport was quite an adventure and the boxes were roughed up ... but the vinegar is intact. 

Three vinegars aged in barrels ("reserve") are available:

• Sherry vinegar made from Pedro Ximénez and Palomino

• Sherry vinegar made with Muscat and Palomino

• Sherry vinegar made from Palomino

Price: $ 18.99 / unit of 250mL or $ 45 / box of 3 bottles

Only 15 boxes and 12 unit bottles available.
Delivery extra. Free delivery with your cases (see below).


barbuVINS at the restaurant?

Did you know that you can find barbuVINS at restaurants?

The wines of our producers can be found at:
• Joe Beef
• Liverpool House
• Vin Papillon (soon!)
• Islesmere Golf Club
• Rosemère Golf Club
• Oregon, wine bar

Your favorite restaurant doesn't have a barbuVINS on the list? There is nothing better than a recommendation from a client.


Easter Deliveries

The SAQ delivers private imports an average once a week to most of its branches. It would be wise to order this weekend to have a delivery before April 2nd.
Since t
he new SAQ system allows us to have the delivery date before placing the order, it is possible to try another branch if the timing is not ideal. 

Our free delivery offer in the Montreal region (Laval, Montreal, South Shore, Vaudreuil) is still in effect for orders meeting the conditions of this offer:

• Minimum order of 2 cases AND minimum total value of $ 275

• Payment of the invoice for agent fees and wine before delivery (interac transfer)

We will notify you ahead of our arrival to plan the delivery and ensure that you are present. The cases will be left outside (balcony, in front of the garage).


The recently updated price list of available products can be found on our website

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Thanks for sharing our passion.

Marie-Claude & Benoît


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