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Summer Celebration

What better way to beat the heat and celebrate the slight relaxing of social distancing measures? Bubbles!

We have only a few cases left and may likely not receive any more before the holidays, so stock up. 

The Sekt Brut 2016 from Maximin Grünhaus had some praise from Les Méchants Raisins, most particularly from Nadia Fournier, author of Le Guide du Vin Phaneuf. To sum up her praise: "wow, this is really good... this is a great discovery!" 

Curious? listen to the podcast, in French. Her comments at 8 min approx.

46$/bottle, in cases of 6.


BBQ time !

Immortalis, the special project from the team at Pago Aylés. Aside from being a well-suited name for this period, those are great BBQ wines. One is a high altitude garnacha from Calatayud, the other is made from old vines of Monastrell (mourvèdre) grown at high altitude in Bullas. For less than 22$ per bottle, it's a steal. Only a few cases left.




Status at the SAQ

This week, the SAQ extended its COVID-19 plan and still does not allow new orders to be submitted, except for a temporary program to support some agents that were performing well despite the restaurant closures. barbuVINS was able to order the maximum number of products allowed. If all goes well, we will have new wines by August. Stay tuned. Remember that it's smart to reserve your cases. Check out our upcoming wines here.

Please note that the SAQ has modified its order processing delay from 24hrs to 48hrs. For instance, an order placed after 3pm on Thursday would not be ready until the following Tuesday. You can also pick-up your orders at the SAQ Restauration store on St-Patrick street. This is by far the most efficient way to get your bottles rapidly.


Given the shipping to the stores will experience some delays, we will continue free deliveries in the Montreal region: Laval, Montreal, South-Shore and the Vaudreuil area. The new measures still allow us to deliver cases for the time being.

Terms of this offer:

• Deliveries 1-2 times per week

• Minimum orders of 2 cases of 6 bottles

• Payment of the invoice for agent fees and wine before delivery (interac transfer)

Allow us to process your order the same day, before the cut-off time at the SAQ by sending us your order before 1pm.

We will notify you to coordinate delivery to ensure that you are present. The boxes will be left outside (balcony, in front of the garage). We will greet you from our car !!!
No kisses, no handshakes! ;)


The recently updated price list of available products can be found on our website. Several wines are in low availability (less than 5 cases), so don't wait too long!

Remember to tell your friends and the sommelier of your favorite restaurant(s) to look at our wine list! Also, we'd appreciate to receive your comments on our Facebook page or on Instagram.

Thanks for sharing our passion.

Marie-Claude & Benoît


Inventory (cases)

Here is our current inventory. All products are in cases of 6 bottles except for magnums (case of 4).


Donation to the Montreal Restaurant Workers Relief Fund

Over the past years many of you have participated in the wine sale to support the Ride to Conquer Cancer through Chantal Germain's efforts. This year, due to COVID-19, with the even being postponed, I proposed to support the MRWRF.

Through this sale, barbuVINS donated 250$, which represented half of the profits of the sale.

The restaurant industry has been largely forgotten during the crisis, so this is our modest part. Thanks to all of those who participated. It's still time to donate directly.


And the winner is...

You might remember that in early March, we had a contest for purchaser of Bhilar wines...  We decided NOT to publish the name of the winner at that time since a 5 litre format would have encouraged a big party and it would not have been a good idea. Now that we are all behaving well and that we can manage a smaller group, it's time to announce that the winner of the Pago Aylés "A" bottle of 5 litres is Benoit Larose. Thanks to all who bought several cases of wine to participate!


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