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Here it is, the first new order of Pago Aylés in 2020. More than 25% of the entire order is already reserved, so don't wait too long.

You love the rosé from Pago Aylés? It's here!!!


See below for our first ever videoconference with one of our producers.

SAQ Status Update

The SAQ has blocked pending orders and any new orders until June due to the COVID-19 situation. This means that availability of the new wines from Bodegas Bhilar and Luis Moya will be delayed until at least August... It will be warm in August and the rosé will still be good.

Don't forget that the SAQ has modified its client order processing delay from 24hrs to 48hrs. For instance, an order placed after 3pm on Thursday would not be ready until the following Tuesday. 


Given the shipping to the stores will experience some delays, we will continue free deliveries in the Montreal region: Laval, Montreal, South-Shore and the Vaudreuil area. The new measures still allow us to deliver cases for the time being.

Terms of this offer:

• Deliveries 1-2 times per week

• Orders of 2 cases of 6 bottles min.

• Payment of the invoice for agent fees and wine before delivery (interac transfer)

Allow us to process your order, by sending it to us before 2pm.

We will notify you to coordinate delivery to ensure that you are present. The boxes will be left outside (balcony, in front of the garage). We will greet you from our car !!!
No kisses, no handshakes! ;)


The recently updated price list of available products can be found on our website. The list was updated earlier today. Several wines are in low availability (less than 5 cases), so don't wait too long!

Remember to tell your friends and the sommelier of your favorite restaurant(s) to look at our wine list! Also, we'd appreciate to receive your comments on our Facebook page or on Instagram.

Thanks for sharing our passion.

Marie-Claude & Benoît


New Arrivals !

Our largest Pago Aylés order so far... and also the largest number of cases reserved ahead of the release. The website has been updated with information on the new vintages and additions to our portfolio, including two chardonnay cuvées... and the new Vino de Parcelas. 

Pago Aylés has not been using pesticides or herbicides in more than a decade, but they are taking this one step forward.

Check it out ! 


Pago Aylés: Vinos de Parcelas

After many years of practicing sustainable agriculture, Pago Aylés decided in 2016 to convert to 100% organic agriculture, and they have been seeing a different evolution in the “terroir” of the Finca that has given an added complexity in the soils, being able to translate it into different wines in style from those made in 2010. Soil conservation and improvement is at the heart of the strategy.

This precision viticulture has made them further delineate the difference between the different soils of the farm and has allowed to put into practice a different elaboration for each area. In this significant evolution, they have noticed two distinct plots in the Pago classified vines, Cuesta del Herrero and Senda de Leñadores, that eventually became elaborated on their own to give rise to the Vinos de Parcelas.



Live Q&A with Fernando Reyes, from Pago Aylés

Sunday, May 24th at 1PM

This is a first for barbuVINS and also for Fernando Reyes, Pago Aylés' account manager. Hopefully this is something we can repeat soon. We would prefer having Fernando in Montreal with us, but for now, this is the best we can do.

Fernando is the one who has to deal with my many requests. He's the face of Pago Aylés in several markets all over the world. In a way, you can thank Fernando in encouraging me to become an agent and represent their wines. I certainly do not regret my decision. 

We will try to plan this as best as possible, so please send us your questions or topics of discussion ahead of the live Q&A to help prepare in advance. 

please send us an email to confirm your participation. This is a free event. It will be more interesting if you have your bottles as we will surely taste a few wines.

We will send a link for the videoconference prior to the event.


Limited Inventory of Previously Received Wines

All products are in cases of 6 bottles.


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