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"...but sometimes a glass of wine may help."

-François Legault, Prime Minister 

Status at the SAQ

The situation is evolving on a daily basis, but for now, despite the pressure from the SAQ employees' union, the closure of SAQ branches has been averted except for Sundays. Instead, the SAQ opted for an expanded mitigation plan that includes reducing store hours and limiting the number of customers inside the stores. We don't know how long this will last since it does but the employees at risk.



Given the shipping to the stores will experience some delays, we will continue free deliveries in the Montreal region: Laval, Montreal, South-Shore and the Vaudreuil area. The new measures still allow us to deliver cases for the time being.

Terms of this offer:

• Deliveries 1-2 times per week

• Orders of 2 cases of 6 bottles min.

• Payment of the invoice for agent fees and wine before delivery (interac transfer)

The cutoff to place orders at the SAQ is 3pm for pick-up the next day. It's always better to submit your order in the morning to ensure that if we are picking up order at the warehouse the next day, you might be lucky and have a swift delivery. You need to give us time to submit the order, so the deadline is 2pm.

We will notify you to coordinate delivery to ensure that you are present. The boxes will be left outside (balcony, in front of the garage). We will greet you from our car !!!
No kisses, no handshakes! ;)


Orders need to be submitted to barbuVINS by 2pm on Thursday.


The recently updated price list of available products can be found on our website. The list was updated earlier today. Several wines are in low availability (less than 5 cases), so don't wait too long!

Remember to tell your friends and the sommelier of your favorite restaurant(s) to look at our wine list! Also, we'd appreciate to receive your comments on our Facebook page or on Instagram.

Thanks for sharing our passion.

Marie-Claude & Benoît


Inventory (cases)

Here is our current inventory. All products are in cases of 6 bottles.


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