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We're happy to present our first special order from Pago Aylés. Most of you know the wines are produced without pesticides and herbicides, using non-interventionist organic farming methods. They also come in different styles... and sizes. 

Although we presently have in stock some magnums of the "Y" 2015 (in cases of 4), we are preparing an order of 5 liter bottles (yes, 5,000 mL !!!) of "A", and Pago Aylés' flagship cuvée, the Trés de 3000. For those too tired to calculate how much wine that is, this is 6.67x a regular bottle of 750mL.

Please let us know before Sunday evening how many bottles you want.
We will confirm the exact prices, but those below are +/- 5$.

Pago Aylés "A" : 5,000ml, Single bottle in a wooden case: 165$

Pago Aylés Trés de 3000:  5,000mL Single bottle in a wooden case: 295$

The price list of available products, including the Pago Aylés "Y" 2015 in magnum format, can be found on our website

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Thanks for sharing our passion.

Marie-Claude & Benoît


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