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This is a short newsletter. More soon on upcoming arrivals...and a special visit.

Our inventory is very low for most products.
Since our inventory period ends today for the Knyphausen rieslings, the last few cases have to go. 
Orders will be processed after lunch, so if you want a case, or two or more, send us an email ASAP.

The price list of available products can be found on our website

Thanks for sharing our passion.

Marie-Claude & Benoît


We have only a few cases left and they have to go. Today is the last day to order.
Call or email us for questions or orders.


• 6cs -- Riesling Kabinett Charta 2016

• 5cs -- Riesling 1141 2017

• 4cs -- Erbach Riesling 2016

• 3cs -- Erbacher Steinmorgen 2015

• 4cs -- Knypi Riesling 2017


Weingut Baron von Knyphausen

Baron von Knyphausen In 1818, the East Frisian aristocratic family - the barons of Knyphausen, whose family members served as generals and ministers of the Prussian crown - acquired the Draiser Hof in the Rheingau. The Draiser Hof was built in 1141 by the Cistercian monks of the Eberbach Abbey to cultivate the monastery’s vineyards and fields in Erbach and Eltville. …



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