December 2021 Edition
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Wine Tasting

A Break from the Strike: Private Orders are Back... But Not for Long !

News about the SAQ...

The last 6 weeks have been difficult. All our orders have finally arrived from the producers (ordered from mid-July and early August!).
The three days of strike really caused an unprecedented mess. Many of you have orders that have been canceled by the SAQ without notice or explanations, other orders have been ignored. The canceled orders have since been resubmitted. The good news is that since this afternoon, these orders have been confirmed!

The SAQ informed us at the end of the day on Wednesday that orders received by December 11 would be processed and delivered to the SAQ stores before December 23.
This means there are 2 days left to order!
My suggestion is that if you want wine for the Holidays, send me your orders by Friday 2pm.

Luis Moya Tortosa

For the love of garnacha

For Luis' fans, you'll be happy to know the pet-nats are back !!!!
Many thanks to our friend Luis for having reserved cases for his Quebec fans... otherwise, he would have sold everything. Demand has exploded for his wines.
Also, something new, the Artaxo cuvée. This cuvée is a beast. We were totally blown away when we tried the sample. It's a fruit bomb with nice layers of spices and herbs, while retaining elegance and balance. For fans of scores, the wine was awarded 92 pts by Luis Gutiérrez (Wine Advocate).
Don't miss the return of Kimera: in our opinion, this is his best vintage.
LMT Robert Parker (2021-11)

Also in inventory

Return of the 2019 vintage of
García de la Jara. 25 cases!
New 2020 vintage of Sábalo by Barbadillo . 24 cases!
The recently updated price list of available products can be found on our website.
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Marie-Claude & Benoît
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barbuVINS_Round_Red 600dpi (Mask)