July 22, 2023 Edition
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Wine Tasting

New wines from Pago Aylés

The wait is over: the February orders from Pago Aylés and Barbadillo are finally available for purchase. Despite not being able to receive our second order of Pago Aylés rosé due to SAQ restrictions, we have 7 wines from Pago Aylés that are now available.
The second release of Aldeya Chardonnay 2021 is sold out, but we have just received the 2022 vintage that promises to sell out rapidly as well.
Many of you had reserved cases, so those have already been shipped to the requested SAQ store.
Those wines will not return until 2024 unless there is a miracle, so it might be an idea to stock up on your favorites.
Life is short: Abramos las botellas, ¡copón!

Pago Aylés

This month, we see the return of several favorites from our Pago Aylés portfolio. First, two wines from the Aldeya portfolio. Those originate from plots that don't meet the Pago criteria, most often due to the age of the vines. Aside from the Chardonnay 2022, we ordered some Aldeya Garnacha which is an unbelievable wine for the price.
Also, don't miss the last bottles of Cuesta del Herrero 2020, winner of the Decanter WWA Best in Show (97/100). Its sibling from clay-rich soils, Senda de Leñadores, is also available. For the first time, we have also magnums of this cuvée: only one case of 4 magnums left, the other cases can be found in restaurants.
Finally, we have a few cases of É (tempranillo), S (garnacha) and the beautiful 3 de TresMil.
Oh, and one more thing... The SAQ broke one case of L 2021 (rosé) and "lost" 2 more. Well, they found one. It's available for the first person who read this far and wants it.
23.25$/bt in cases of 6 (20.60$/bt for restaurants).

Sábalo 2021

It's the return of Sábalo 2021 from Barbadillo. A perfectly balanced wine made from 100% palomino originating from 2 organically grown plots of Albariza soils.
The first was planted more than 35 years ago near the sea in Sanlúcar, while the second is located on a hill from where you can see the marshes between Sanlúcar and Trebujena (> 25 years old). These two vineyards combine the marine influence with that of the Guadalquivir River and the marshlands.
RS: < 2 g/L; Free SO2: < 60 mg/L
26.25$/bt (23.30$/bt for restaurants)


All the products are available in cases of 6 bottles (except magnums: 4/cs).
With the delays between ordering from producers and availability by the SAQ increased from 10-12 weeks to more than 25 weeks, the next wines to be released will probably not be available before November...
To reserve products arriving soon, send us an order form with the mention "reservation". We will contact you to confirm... and when the products arrive, we will inform you before anyone else!
The products on order can be found here [PDF].
We also accept special orders for rare products from our producers.
Do not hesitate to contact us to know more.

The recently updated price list of available products can be found on our website.
Support us by telling your friends about our amazing wines. Also, we'd appreciate to receive your comments on our Facebook page or on Instagram.
Thanks for sharing our passion.
Marie-Claude & Benoît

Available Wines
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