May 2023 Edition
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Wine Tasting

The terrasse, Montreal's spring emblem

For Quebecers, spring is normally a short interlude between winter and early summer sun. This year, spring is like our wine orders, it is long overdue. You have to arm yourself with patience.
I decided not to talk about the setbacks of the agencies and the new standards imposed by the SAQ because it's too depressing. I'm working on something more detailed to allow those who are interested to give it the time needed to understand this saga.
For now, let's say that our expected growth is completely wiped out by our monopoly, and in fact our ordering capacity is in significant decline. There will be fewer cases, less often.
For now, let's take advantage of the warmer days that are coming and open some bottles.
As our Spanish friends will tell you: Abramos las botellas, ¡copón!
The inventory is limited, but let's take advantage of a micro-arrival of the Aldeya Chardonnay so popular with our customers. Less than thirty cases of 6 are in the inventory, so don't wait. At less than $20 a bottle for a certified organic wine, grown at an altitude of 450-500m and harvested manually at night, it's hard to resists. A summer wine.
Thanks to all who took the time to see us at the Salon des vins de Victoriaville.
Aldeya Chardonnay, our wine of the week. 19.50$/bt, en caisses de 6.
If you buy 2 cases, you get a 10$ rebate!


All the products are available in cases of 6 bottles.

barbuVINS at the restaurant

Bodegas Bhilar, Pago Aylés, LMT Wines, Barbadillo and García Saborido wines can be found in a growing number of restaurants in the Montreal and Laval area.
Go support them, they need you!
  • Sabrosa
  • Le Vin Papillon
  • Liverpool House
  • Joe Beef
  • McKiernan
  • Candide
  • Beba
  • La Sala Rossa
  • Oregon
  • Paloma
  • Islesmere Golf Club
  • Rosemere-Fontainebleau Golf Club
Your favorite restaurant is not on the list? Tell the sommelier about us!
To reserve products arriving soon, send us an order form with the mention "reservation". We will contact you to confirm... and when the products arrive, we will inform you before anyone else!
The products on order can be found here [PDF].
Please note that the list of wines on order is not up to date. It will be by mid-March.
We also accept special orders for rare products from our producers.
Do not hesitate to contact us to know more.

The recently updated price list of available products can be found on our website.
Support us by telling your friends about our amazing wines. Also, we'd appreciate to receive your comments on our Facebook page or on Instagram.
Thanks for sharing our passion.
Marie-Claude & Benoît

Available Wines
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