September 2022 Edition
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García de la Jara 2020

García de la Jara
As the harvest is ongoing for the 2022 vintage, we have just received the 2020 vintage of "García de la Jara" produced by Carmen, Rocío and Martín García Saborido. Their 1.5 Ha of vines planted approximately 20 years ago are located within 300m of the La Jara beach in Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

This is likely the only red wine produced in the region dedicated mainly to the production of palomino for white wines, manzanilla and jerez wines. As Carmen is also managing the organic wine division at Barbadillo (which we also represent), expect to see a new red wine produced by Barbadillo within the next 18 months.

García de la Jara is unique in many ways. Aside from being a red wine in a sea of white wines, it originates a few hundred meters from the ocean, and is made with grapes we associate with France rather than Spain. It is a blend of 75% Petit Verdot, 20% Tannat, and 5% Tintilla de Rota.

Petit verdot is usually associated with Bordeaux blends where a small percentage brings structure and acidity, while tannat is a the core of wines from Madiran and wines from Uruguay. Tintilla de Rota is an autochthonous blue-ish grape that originates from Rioja where is it known as graciano. The two grapes were initially thought to only be related but they are in fact genetically identical. Tintilla de Rota are low-yield vines producing small, round grapes with a very dark skin and a fairly high acidity.

Because of convictions and the presence of many chameleons, they have always used organic farming. The must fermentation is initiated by indigenous yeasts in stainless steel vats where they let the wine proceed with malolactic conversion prior to maturing for 12 mo in old oak barrels. This low intervention natural wine receives no additives except a very small amount of SO2 at bottling. For 2020, they bottled approximately 8000 bottles in January 2022.

Analytical Info
Alcohol: 12.5%
RS: 2 g/L
SO2: 23 mg/L

barbuVINS is busy !

After an event at Club de golf Rosemère-Fontainebleau, we're getting ready to participate at the Salon des vins et spiritueux de l’Estrie on September 23rd. If you live or have a cottage near Sherbrooke, why don't you visit us?

Wines are selling fast, so don't wait before ordering. We're already sold out of La Tapada from Luis Moya and there is only a fraction of the cases left of the new Kimera vintage, and of the garnacha/graciano blend, Korteta. The same is true of Pago Aylés wines (about 70% sold).

We also are in the process of receiving the wines from our most recent Barbadillo order. Aside from Sábalo, we have a few cases of the new Patinegro cuvéee. Imagine Sábalo matured in old botas: it's quite appealing.
This is also the occasion to get your hands of the amazing and unique manzanillas and jerez wines.

Don't hesitate to reserve your cases for upcoming wines because for some of the wines arriving this fall, some of our allocation are almost all reserved.
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