December 2022 Edition
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Wine Tasting

New cuvées by Bodegas Bhilar

Bodegas Bhilar 2022-11
Arrived since the beginning of October at the warehouse, we finally got our hands on the new arrival of wines from Bodegas Bhilar.

This release brings the new vintage of Kha Mé made from old vines of garnacha blanco matured in clay amphoras. A truly spectacular wine.
Also back in inventory, an experiment that turn out fantastic. This second vintage of Bhilar Berria, a cuvée of 85% tempranillo and 15% viura made by semi-carbonic fermentation is reminiscent of how wines from Rioja were made 200 years ago. It brings out the fruit and spice profile. A natural wine with no sulfites added.

The newest of the newest... Lágrimas de Bhilar, blanco: 100% garnacha blanco from Navarra, matured in stainless steel. Amazingly good, and amazingly inexpensive.

Finally, it's the return of Bhilar blanco and Bhilar tinto. Two amazing wines made as always in a very pure style from biodynamically grown grapes. I say it's impossible to find better Rioja at that price.
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All the products are available in cases of 6 bottles.
20221210 inventory
With lead times between the orders and wine availability increasing from 10-12 weeks to over 18 weeks, the next orders arriving in 2023 will likely not be available until M. Don't wait to stock up, otherwise you may be disappointed...


Back after a 2-year hiatus, the annual LES+WIB+CHLA wine tasting hosted by barbuVINS.
Seventy-five wine enthusiasts had the chance to taste wines from Barbadillo, Pago Aylés and Luis Moya Tortosa.
20221208 CHLA-LES-WiB @Fasken (01b)
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To reserve your cases, send us an order form with the mention "reservation". We will contact you to confirm. You'll be notified ahead of everyone when the products arrive.
The products on order can be found here [PDF].
We also accept special orders for rare products from our producers.
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Marie-Claude & Benoît

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