October 2022 Edition
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Wine Tasting

The Guns of Navarra, by Luis Moya Tortosa

LMT arrivage 2022-10
Arrived since the beginning of September at the warehouse, we finally got our hands on the new arrival of wines from Luis Moya about ten days ago.

This is a special event as it is the first arrival of the Cerro Amurdi cuvées, the name used for the cuvées reflecting the name of the winery newly acquired by Luis. This investment brings its share of administrative hassles, but in the short term, everything will be back to normal.

Cerro Amurdi, named after a hill in the region, will be used for at least four cuvées. For the white, the first cuvée is eagerly awaited. This is the rebirth of the Urbanita cuvée composed of viura and white garnacha. Same freshness, same finesse, but under a new label. As always, it will sell fast. The other "white" is a 100% white garnacha cuvée skin macerated for 4.5 months, so it's an orange wine. It is superb with an optimal extraction, allowing to get texture and structure while keeping the floral side of the white garnacha.
For the sequel to the white Cerro Amurdi wines, expect surprises next spring with the reds.

It is also the return of the majestic El Yesal, an exceptional grenache cuvée which clearly demonstrates that garnacha is the pinot noir of northern Spain. The cases are almost all sold out, so don't wait.

Back in stock, the 100% graciano Malasombra cuvée. A dicey grape variety for both viticulture and winemaking, it is once again very impressive.

Finally, a cuvée that Luis had described via email as being dedicated to slightly crazy amateurs, like me. A “Bizarro” cuvée named Bikote, 50% graciano (20 year old vines) and 50% garnacha from old vines. Bikote, which means “couple” in Basque, is a very appropriate name. The wine is the result of the work of two friends, Luis and his sidekick Patxi Virto (oenologist at Bodegas Beramendi). Bikote, too, because it is a blend of two grape varieties. The label refers to the fight between the two grape varieties, each wanting to take their rightful place.

Notice to the uninitiated… for a blend, you will almost always read that we reward a harmonious blend, well integrated, etc. Here, yes, perhaps harmonious, but in discord!
A surprising wine because after a balestra from which comes the fruit of the garnacha, a fouetté followed by a flèche brings back the spices of the graciano. Okay, let's forget about fencing terminology. Conclusion? It's just a really good wine.

As always, Luis' wines are made in a non-interventionist way, receiving no additives except for a very small amount of SO2 at bottling, with a free SO2 level of 15-20mg/L.
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All the products are available in cases of 6 bottles.
20221022 Inventory EN (2)
With lead times between the orders and wine availability increasing from 10-12 weeks to over 18 weeks, the next orders arriving in 2023 will likely not be available until April. Don't wait to stock up, otherwise you may be disappointed...

The barbuVINS events are back !

After an event at the Rosemère-Fontainebleau Golf Club and our participation at the fair "Salon des vins et spiritueux de l'Estrie" (thanks to Michel, the other "barbu"!), it's time for private events.
If you have a group that wants to learn about Spanish wines or would like to deepen their knowledge, do not hesitate to contact us!

Thanks to Anne-Marie Braconnier and Benoit Larose for hosting us recently.
A memorable evening with 22 cuvées, 30 guests and outstanding hosts.
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A new checklist and a new transactional site

The list of SAQ stores receiving private orders, our price lists for available or upcoming wines, and other links, are now in one location: https://linktr.ee/barbuVINS

You will also find the link for our new transactional site. We still prefer email orders, but it's very convenient for events. Help us keep our agency fees the lowest in the private wine order business by paying by interac transfers...
To reserve your cases, send us an order form with the mention "reservation". We will contact you to confirm. You'll be notified ahead of everyone when the products arrive.
The products on order can be found here [PDF].
We also accept special orders for rare products from our producers.
Do not hesitate to contact us to know more.

The recently updated price list of available products can be found on our website.
Support us by telling your friends about our amazing wines. Also, we'd appreciate to receive your comments on our Facebook page or on Instagram.
Thanks for sharing our passion.
Marie-Claude & Benoît

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