February 2022 Edition
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Wine Tasting

Already 5 years !

Already 5 years and many people to thank...

More than 15,000 bottles later, barbuVINS continues to grow. From the first order at Pago Aylés following a nice meeting at the estate when Fernando asked me if I would like to represent them in Quebec, to an impromptu visit where we met Mélanie and David, a discovery of Luis' wines in a small shop in Pamplona , to a meeting with Maximin thanks to a mutual friend in the pharma business... barbuVINS has made a name for itself in the heart of a growing number of wine lovers and restaurateurs.
A big thank you goes to you, my customers and ambassadors, to all the sommeliers who want to continue exploring the diverse world of wines, and above all, to our producers who trust us. Special thanks to Marie-Claude, my extraordinary partner in this adventure, without whom the tastings and the exploratory trips would certainly not be the same.

A word about the SAQ...
Finally, some good news as private orders are delivered within a more reasonable time frame (5-10 days). The situation in store is less rosy with rather bare shelves, then with overflowing warehouses, and the arrival of orders behind schedule because of the recent strike. We are hoping for a return to normal for May arrivals, so our list of upcoming wines will be updated soon. Don't forget that you can reserve your cases of future arrivals.

Many of our products currently in inventory will not be back in stock for several months, so now is the time to order your favorite wines.
For those who are already thinking about their arrival of rosé for this summer, the 2021 vintage of Pago Aylés will not be here before July, but there are still a few cases of the "L" 2020 vintage which arrived in November, the first to be officially certified organic.

The versatility of Palomino

The palomino (or "Listán") is inseparable from the white Albariza soils of Andalusia.
Albariza is made up of 40% limestone with a high proportion of calcium sulphate, called Yeso (gypsum) in Spain, as well as clay and sand. The main property of the albariza is its very high water-retention capacity during the winter, allowing the supply of water to the vines during the summer drought.
The limestone was formed through the sedimentation of huge layers of diatom algae shells (hollow silicon shells) and radiolarians that populated the Jerez region when it was still covered by the sea (Upper Oligocene).
The Baetic Depression around the current path of the Guadalquivir River was an inland sea for millions of years, and organic deposits slowly transformed into limestone, chalk and other minerals. As Andalusia emerged from the sea, the altitude of the vineyard defines the purity of the Albariza (especially above 45 meters, the quality is clearly superior).
The mineralogical composition varies according to the precise location, but it revolves around diatoms, calcite and phyllosilicates. Although it is rich in chalk, geologists will tell you that Albariza is simply too young to be properly called chalk - at the moment it is simply rich in lime. It is a soil very poor in organic matter and poorly suited for agriculture, but perfect for viticulture.

From these soils come three exceptional wines, all made from palomino.
Sábalo, is a wine made from organic grapes from two plots. Very dry, mineral, with notes of peaches and apples.
The second, Mirabrás, is one of those modern table wines (Vino de la Tierra de Cádiz) that flirts with sherry, without being fortified. The grapes from the El Cerro de las Leyes vineyard (pago Santa Lucía) were exposed to the sun using the asoleo method and the must was fermented in old Manzanilla barrels. It was aged for a few months on fine lees, then a few months in almost full bota, thus limiting the appearance of the flor, prior to 18 months in stainless steel vats until bottling. Unique and very rare.
Finally, Nave Trinidad, a manzanilla made from a selection of 36 botas of younger wine, then blended and bottled "en rama", without filtration.

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