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La Tapada 2019 label
"La Tapada" is a vineyard located in Azagra, a town in the Rioja Oriental zone (formerly Rioja Baja) of the DOCa Rioja, located in the community of Navarra. The cultivation in this area is now mainly irrigated and highly mechanized.
La Tapada is one of the last vineyards cultivated with traditional methods that has resisted this industrial conversion. Its name also refers to how the Garnatxa was the grape variety covered or hidden, as part of the Denomination of Origin Rioja. This area of Rioja is also the most vilified, associated with poor quality wines because of the high yields and industrial approach.
This vineyard in the skilful hands of Luis is something quite different. Located at almost 300m above sea level, this vineyard has a slight slope with northeast exposure and limestone and pebbly soil. The Mediterranean climate leads to low rainfall, less than 350 mm. With this wine, Luis wants to show that the Garnatxa has enormous possibilities in this area. This is what the winemakers already knew more than 70 years ago when they planted this beautiful vineyard, today "TAPADA" (hidden) between the posts and wires of the neighbouring vineyards.
The vines are grown in traditional bush vines, planted 1.6 x 1.6, and cultivated under organic farming and zero residue agriculture.
Despite a difficult 2017 vintage for many, Luis did not have frost and obtained particularly good quality grapes. The 2018 vintage was hugely different with excessive yields that led to a drop of quality that made Luis decide not to vinify it. This is part of the learning associated with working with a new vineyard.
For 2017, Luis manually harvested 3500 kg of grapes in boxes of less than 16 kg with a yield of about 1kg per vine. In 2019, the yields were slightly lower at 3,000 kg of grapes.

In La Tapada, Luis destems 90% of the grapes and keeps 10% whole clusters, macerated the grapes for 16 days and as with all his wines, fermentation started with indigenous yeasts and lasts about 10 days. Maturation lasts 12 months in old neutral French oak barrels, plus a combination of one ovoid flextank of 1,100 L plus a few 54 L demijohns. Bâtonnage is performed during the first 6 months of aging. On January 20, 2021, Luis bottled 3,200 bottles of the 2019 of this beautiful natural wine.

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From Luis Moya, aside from La Tapada, we also have the new Kimera vintage and one new wine, Korteta. It is a derivative of Izarbe (Luis could no longer use the name) and some slight changes to the winemaking.

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